Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week Four!!!

Well, this was definitely a busy week! But, I made it one week closer to graduation. This week I worked on a new craft that I first saw on Pinterest. That Pinterest is sure addicting. So many ideas, so little time! This is just one of the 10 pincusions that I created.


  1. Jamie, this is used in a sewing room. The top portion is a pincusion and the lower plate areas are for holding buttons, bobbins, small scissors, etc.

  2. Huh that is an interesting concept if you sew. Do you sew? I don't I couldn't thread if my life depended on it. They make those needles too small to see. If I need any kind of work done, I always bring to a tailor shop where they do a wonderful job.

  3. I found your blog! I read about your blog in a class project and thought I would try blogger. I got the page up, but dont know how I will use it yet. Thanks for sharing!