Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week Four!!!

Well, this was definitely a busy week! But, I made it one week closer to graduation. This week I worked on a new craft that I first saw on Pinterest. That Pinterest is sure addicting. So many ideas, so little time! This is just one of the 10 pincusions that I created.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week Three, but Who's Counting?

Well, I made it through another week of the last semester of school, nine credits, 14 hours of work study, 8 hours of externship, 5 hours of Medical Transcription tutoring, and even fit in 5 1/2 hours of volunteer work at a Women's shelter. Exhausted, but May 11th will come soon enough! This awesome cork board was made a while ago, but I still love it every time I use it. My son and hubby helped me to cut the corks in half vertically so that they would adhere to the backboard better. The frame is an old one that I found at a thrift shop.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week Number Two!

Well, I remembered to make my weekly entry! I was able to finally make some time to bead this weekend, and created two pieces. The first piece is made using laboradite, lava rock, and fire polished faceted crystals. The second piece is made with amethyst and amethyst swarovski crystals. Both have matching earrings. I had a request for pieces using these colors, but if she doesn't take them they will go to the gallery in Spooner next week. Northwind Book and Fiber in Spooner carries my jewelry pieces.

Also spent time with my baby brother and my Dad, so that was fun.

Next weekend will be spent working either on the pantry door that I am doing some fun stuff with or quilting. Decisions, decisions....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Official Post of New Blog

Well, today I created a blog. The first step in checking out a web site for my Computer and Business Technologies class. Also, a first step for my midterm for this class. I think that I will probably continue to grow this blog and to use it in my professional life of beading and quilting. I'm new to this, but I WILL learn the ins and outs.

This is a picture of part of my quilting studio.
Welcome to Melissa's Meanderings!